How much to bring? 5 Crawleys and Herrington x 5 days x 20 pints per day = 600 pints of beer

I have discovered a truly wonderful thing: polypins. Basically the ale world equivalent of wine in a box, these come as 20L of beer and cost 50-60 quid.

Ahem! Perhaps some juice?

In all seriousness though, it will be worth bulk-buying beer in advance. I would suggest we get a Polypin of ale and whatever the equivalent of cider is..

NB: The number one rule at Glasto is no glass. No glass! Cows don't like eating glass. So any drinks, spirits, etc, need to be decanted, and beer should be purchased in cans only, wine boxes or decanted.

Just to explain how it works - you can bring as much alcohol as you like to Glasto (personal usage), as long as none of it is in glass. You're free to take it wherever you like in the site. Then at the festival there are bars everywhere selling beer (an ale - last year was Woodford's Wherry, and some lagers) at roughly London pub prices. There are also specialist alcohol outlets, like the famous Somerset and Brothers Cider Buses, I also noticed a wine bar, and there's an ale tent.