There is an amazing variety of food at Glastonbury - indeed attendees usually claim that they eat better in the Glasto week than the rest of the year! Vegetarians are incredibly well catered for too, indeed probably better than carnivores!

Here's a recent article in the Times about the food.

My tips from last year would be the Goan Fish Curry Stall near Jazz World, the Danish Stall, Yeo Valley Yoghurt Stall, .. will add more here as I think of them.

This by timespeedsup on the eFestivals board here. : 2008 Veg-Crawl (see related attached map below too):
1. Manic Organic ChickPea Curry! Veggie Stir-Fry! They're usually on the main route up to the Greenfields, just before the junction with the old railway line (on the left, and maybe quite close to Avalon Stage) [Faeries For Change & Caramello & MikeB]
2. Queen Deliha's who make the best bean burgers. Next to Manic Organic (see above) [Faeries For Change]
3. Pizza Z next to the Tiny Tea Tent (Main route up Greenfields, on left shortly after railway-line) [Moondroog]
4. Veggies for e.g. Breakfast Burger & delicious cakes. White Caravan, Green Futures field, near perm culture garden, off right a bit from the main path through Greenfields [Sime/minkitzka]
5. Leon's for awesome Lebanese salad platter but not cheap, near Brothers Bar, Jazzworld field [That Cats & Caramello]
6. Indian Veg Stall for Festival Special(?), just before the bridge on the way to the Jazz field (next to Chinese???) [Francis Biley & Mikeb]
7. Hare Krishna tent is good. Also its free! Sultana Porridge! Path from Glade stage to entry Other Stage field. NB Food only when they think it's time to serve. [GreenFestivalMan & Caramello]
8. No Bones Jones - Opposite the Garlic Kitchen, in the market field nearest where trash city was, and where the big top will be this year. [GreenFestivalMan & Greenish]
9. Katie’s Thai Kitchen - Excellent veggie stir-fry and much more, run by an efester. Just beyond No Bones Jones heading towards meeting point [Mike B/noodledude]
10. Pura vida mexican vegetarian - for refried bean tortillas - The Park [Greenish]
11. Chai Shop for falafels. Next to Buddhafield (see #13 below) [Caramello]
12. Thali Cafe for Indian nosh & wicked hippy cakes. Opposite Greenpeace field, one block up from Jazzworld field, and taking turning then to Avalan stage. [Caramello] 
13. Buddhafield Cafe. In 2007 was deep into Greenfields, on the right if walking up to stone circle, a good block up from Veggies (#4) [Caramello] - NB website does not confirm Glasto 2008.
14. Little purple vegan burger van - awesome bean burgers! Green Fields somewhere. [Caramello]
15. Now and Zen Japanese Noodle bar & creperie - Stir fried Noodles with veggie tempura and crepes, there'll be 3 units at glasto this year, one in Jazz field, one opposite the cider bus and one in the markets between the Jazz, Other and pyramid stages. [noodledude]
16. Goodness Gracious - vegetarian and vegan burgers, the mexican burger is amazing! I can't remember where they are usually, but there are normally a few units around on site. normally one is fairly close to the cider bus. [noodledude]
17. Potato Moon - I can't remember if they're at glastonbury, but they do some really good chips and dips + veggie burgers that are so good that they happily pass them off to "Meaties" as the real thing. [noodledude]
18. Nutters - In the green fields, on the path towards the Avalon field. Fabulous breakfasts, although usually a queue, as it's so good. [greenish]

Here's a Meat-Lover's blog, where he eats five big beasts over five days at Glasto - crocodile, buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich, goat - read more here.

Samuel Crawley,
15 Mar 2009, 11:27