What to bring

Below is a list I've started to get together.. feel free to contribute!

Buy any electronic gadgets required from www.MemoryCardZoo.com 

Wellies at Lidl for 4.88!! 

In terms of tents, I recommend a 2000HH tent (how waterproof it is) and to oversize slightly - 2-3 man for 1 person, 4 man for 2 people etc.

I went to Millets and said 'I want to buy a tent.'
He said 'To camp?'
I said (butchly) 'Sorry, I want to buy a tent.'
I said 'I also want to buy a caravan.'
He said 'Camper?'
I said (campily) 'Make your mind up.'
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3 Pin splitter and 3pin to USB chargers Essential  For all our phones etc 
Antibacterial hand wash Essential  For after those lovely loo moments! 
Basic first aid kit Essential   
Beer Essential  This warrants a whole separate page 
Black bin bags Essential  Lots of them 
Breakfast gear for all Essential   
Campervan ticket Essential  Dad to bring 
Cash Essential  There are ATMs on site but usually big queues. Maybe 200 quid? 
Daypack Essential  Needs to hold water, jacket, and some beers 
Earplugs Essential   
Festival Ticket Essential  Do NOT lose this!!! 
Large water bottle or Camelbak equivalent Essential   
Loo Roll Essential  Also available on site. The only luxury of the fest! 
Medicine if appropriate Essential   
Notepad and pens Essential  For making notes, scribbling thoughts, etc 
Pair of wellies Essential   
Rain jacket Essential   
Sandals or other "dry" shoes Essential  Something to wear more comfortable than your wellies 
Sheets for Campervan Beds Essential  Three double beds 
Shorts Essential  In the summer time 
Sleeping bag Essential   
Small towel Essential  Doubles up as pillow 
Socks - Walking Socks Essential  Take many pairs of socks, in waterproof bags 
Spare batteries Essential  For whatever needs them 
Sunglasses and Suncream Essential  For the inevitable roasting :) 
Toothbrush Essential   
Torch Essential   
Trousers Essential  Couple of pairs.. combat type ones if possible. 
T-shirts Essential  At least one per day, try to avoid cotton 
Wallet with cashcards Essential   
Wet wipes Essential  Loads of them!! 
Wine Essential  For Pippi 
Blanket Optional   
Chewing gum Optional   
Disposable BBQ Optional  We have an oven in the camper anyway 
Disposable Mobile Charger or equivalent Optional  This needs some thought! 
Dry Shampoo Optional  I've never ever seen this stuff but apparently it exists! 
Feminine hygiene products if appropriate Optional   
Foil survival blankets Optional  For draping on your tent to reflect sun in the morning 
Gaffer Tape Optional  For fixing stuff 
Gazebo Optional  Depending on whether campervan has one attached to it 
Glasses or contact lenses if appropriate Optional   
Glowsticks Optional  Yeah baby! 
Mugs and Cutlery Optional  Depending on what comes with van 
Playing cards Optional   
Sheets and towels Optional  Depending on what comes with the van 
Spare Tent Pegs Optional   
Trolley for wheeling water tank about Optional  One of those things you use for boxes etc 
Alarm Clock Recommended  For those sleep deprived starts! 
Antibacterial Foot Powder Recommended   
Camera Recommended  In a very waterproof bag! 
Cheap fold out chairs Recommended  About 4 pounds from Woolwo.. oh no never mind! 
Flag or similar Recommended  Something for trying to find each other in a field of 150,000 people. From Skyblue 
Hairbrush Recommended   
Hat Recommended  Silly or otherwise 
Hayfever medicine Recommended  Depends whether you suffer or not, and the weather of course 
Inflatable Mattress Recommended   
Lighters Recommended  For the smokers, NB no smoking in the van 
Pen knife Recommended   
Pillow Recommended   
Planks for putting under wheels of campervan Recommended  Seems to be the done thing in case of lots of rain 
Plastic poncho Recommended   
Scrabble Recommended  Dad to bring 
Snacks Recommended   
Spare Mobile Phone Batteries Recommended  Order off Ebay - or how about buying a cheap Nokia with 20 days battery life. 
Spare tent pegs and rope Recommended   
String Recommended   
Sweet energy drinks Recommended   
Thermos or Insulated Mug Recommended  For taking hot drinks about the site 
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