Book train tickets 12 weeks in advance = 31st March (or 29th March if done on a week by week basis)
NB It's not immediately clear when the cheap tickets will be available. The theory on the boards is that it
will be either the 3rd or more likely 10th April, overnight. Keep an eye on this page or sign up to alerts.

Sat/Sun 19/20th June
                                            Glasto shopping, all campers get their kit to Preston Parade

Tuesday 23rd June
09:00                                    Dad leaves Preston Parade with Lewis and/or Pip to Banbury to pick up camper
14:00                                    Dad back at PP with camper
17:00                                    Dad leaves PP
18:00                                    Hedge/Nadine/??? take train from Waterloo to ????
19:00                                    Camper passing Hook station
18:00                                    Hedge takes train from London
Sleep in van somewhere!!

Wednesday 24th June
04:00                                    Aim for site
08:00                                    "Gates" open

Thursday 25th June
Full day of wandering about, enjoying the views, drinking and relaxing
Midday eFestivals meet at the Red Flag beer tent

Friday 26th June
11:00                                    Festival officially opens

Saturday 27th June
Full festival day

Sunday 28th June
Full festival day

Monday 29th June
Try to leave site really early (maybe 4:30am) to avoid queues out.. 
Coach people leave on their coaches
Drive back